Zoning Board of Appeals

Anne Rubin, Clerk

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The Zoning Board of Appeals is a 5 year appointment, comprised of 5 members including the chair. The board maintains a part time clerk.

The Zoning Board of Appeals (ZBA) reviews and rules upon applications appealing the decision or determination of the Zoning Enforcement Officer.

The ZBA has the powers to grant or deny appeal applications for area variances or use variances. Additionally, the ZBA hears and decides upon Requests for Interpretation. In such a case the ZBA is asked to review a determination made by the Zoning Enforcement Officer or the Building Inspector. The ZBA may reverse, affirm or modify (wholly or partially) the determination made by those administrative officials.

The Zoning Board of Appeals also has the power to review any request for change of a nonconforming use and to determine whether this intended use is a similar or more restrictive use.

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Nick Annas, Chair Chris Carney Jim Hegstetter  
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