Water Board

The water board is a 2 year appointment, comprised of 7 members. The Water Board has an office in Town Hall.  This board has a part-time clerk on staff. Please contact the office for general hours of operation.

Town of Red Hook
Water District No. 1
Water District Office
System Operator:
VRI Environmental Services, Inc.
24 Hours Emergency Number


Member Name
Hank Van Parys, Chair


Nick Annas Laurence Carr Greg Fildes
Richard Franklin Jerry Gilnack Anne Rubin

Annual Water Quality Report for 2017  

In order for the Water District to continue to provide safe, reliable drinking water and operate on a sound financial basis, the Water Board has defined the Water District responsibilities and the Customer responsibilities.

For your information and convenience in dealing with the Town Water District, we are providing the following summary of Water District responsibilities and customer responsibilities.

Responsibilities of the Water District:

1. Conduct all tests required by the Health Department and other governmental agencies in order to provide safe drinking water. We also provide you with an Annual Water Quality Report.

2. Notify customers in advance via the news media of any scheduled service interruptions.

3. Notify customers of potential water shortages and provide guidelines and regulations for conservation.

4. Make repairs to the system as promptly as possible.

5. Own and maintain water meters, both inside and outside.

6. Handle questions regarding service, billing procedures, or repairs. The Water Department can be reached on 845-758-4608 or, as an alternative, the Town Clerk’s office may be contacted at 845-758-4606. In case of EMERGENCY, call the System Operator, VRI Environmental Services, Inc., 845-677-3839.

7. Bill customers for water usage based on meter readings on a quarterly basis in January, April, July and October. Water Rates: The new minimum charge for water effective April 1, 2017 is $40.70. Additional charge of $4.95 per 1000 gallons.


1. All bills are payable when received and must be paid by the date on the bill to avoid a 10% late charge. The account is delinquent after a 30 day grace period. A second notice will be sent to delinquent accounts advising that service will be terminated if payment is not made within 15 days. Accounts shut off for unpaid bills are charged a $100 service restoration fee in addition to the unpaid balance. Payment is required prior to restoring service. Once payment is received, reconnection will be made within the next business day.

2. Prior to calling the district office for water usage discrepancies, check for leaks in appliances, running toilets and leaking outside faucets. If a service call is made and the problem is due to a house plumbing problem, homeowner is responsible for repair.

3. Be aware of the location of both your curb valve (the shut off valve located at the front property line) and the location of your inside shut off valve which is next to your inside water meter. These valves allow the water to be shut off in case of emergency. They should be accessible at all times.

4. Protect the inside meter from freezing. If it is located in an area which might freeze, such as an unheated garage or crawl space, it should be insulated or temporary heat should be provided. A service charge will be levied for meter replacement due to freezing or damage.

5. Report damage to meters immediately.

6. The customer owns and is responsible for the service line from the curb valve to the house. And the customer must maintain accessibility to the curb stop. Do NOT plant a tree or large shrub adjacent to the curb stop!

7. Meters and meter seals must not be tampered with; doing so is presumed to be theft of services punishable under New York State law.

8. If home siding is to be replaced or repaired, notify the Water Dept. so we can remove and replace the external water meter register - at no charge to you.

9. When the service line (connection from curb valve to house) exceeds 100’, an approved meter pit will be installed and maintained by the customer.

10. A home sale requires a final water meter reading at the closing. Notify the Water Dept. at least two days prior to the closing so we can provide a final bill.

Important Phone Numbers
General Information:
Water Department Office — 758-4608
System Repair or Service Related:

VIR Environmental Services Inc.
PO Box 943
Millbrook, NY 12545

24 Hour Emergency Telephone - Call: 845-677-3839
Town Clerk:
Town Highway Dept.: